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Lorraine Frey

Lorraine Frey is a Board Certified Orofacial Myologist, providing myofunctional therapy services to children of all ages and adults. Her extensive background in the dental field as a dental hygienist has encompassed over 30 years of clinical practice in periodontal, general and pediatric private practice settings. Lorraine's professional experience, her dedication to promoting preventive and early interventional based methodologies, and her passion for helping others achieve optimal growth and health, combine to provide her clients with the utmost in supportive and compassionate care.

Lorraine is board certified by the International Association of Orofacial Myology. Additionally, she has studied with Patrick McKeown, received her Diploma of Buteyko Breathing Therapy from the Buteyko Breathing Clinic, and is a registered Level III Buteyko Breathing Technique Educator by the Butyeko Breathing Educators Association. In recognition of her accomplishments in the field, Lorraine was granted Fellowship in Clinical Practice in concentration of Orofacial Myology by the American Academy of Dental Hygiene.

Lorraine maintains a full-time practice providing orofacial myofunctional therapy services in Granger, IN and Chicago, IL. Hours are by appointment. 


  • American Academy of Dental Hygiene, Fellow
  • International Association of Orofacial Myology, Board Member
  • American Academy of Physiologic Medicine and Dentistry
  • American Academy of Myofunctional Sciences, Founding Member
  • North American Association of Facial Orthotropics
  • International Affiliation of Tongue-Tie Professionals
  • American Academy for Oral Systemic Health, Founding Member
  • American Dental Hygienists Association
  • Indiana Dental Hygienists Association
  • Buteyko Breathing Educators Association
  • International Federation of Dental Hygienists

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